Start the
School Year Right

Ruth Warner, Director of Marketing &

Content for The Wholeness School

Webinar aired on Wednesday
AUGUST 3RD, 2022 | 10am EST

Do you want to be successful at school and college in a sustainable way?

Whether you are a high school student, college student, or a parent looking to help your child achieve their potential — this webinar is for you.

Every year, we say “this year will be different”. We buy some new stationery and make promises to ourselves that this will be the year we hand all our work in on time and score 100 in every test – all while maintaining a workout schedule and a social life. We feel so excited and invigorated by our new routine during the first few days of school, but it never seems to stick longer than a week.

Before we know it, we’re back to our old ways and we’re counting down the days until the end of the school year so we can start afresh again.

Learn how to break out of this rut of unsustainable goal-setting and give yourself the mindset and skillset training necessary to thrive at school and live a life of wholeness with this webinar.

In this webinar,
you will learn how to:

  Understand why our resolutions often don’t work or sustainably stand the test of time;

  Set attainable and personal goals that motivate you throughout the school year;

  Train your mindset to encourage self-discipline and growth;

  Develop a skillset that makes setting and attaining goals far easier;

  And pursue academic goals in the context of a life of wholeness, so that it does not become all consuming.

Meet Ruth!

Ruth is a recent graduate from her Masters degree in Theology from the University of Oxford and Undergraduate degree in French literature from the University of Cambridge.

She is truly an expert in all things related to education, not only achieving consistent high grades at the best schools and universities but also working as a teacher after university. Ruth loves pilates, yoga and good cuppa English tea!

She currently works as Director of Marketing for The Wholeness School and is passionate about helping students to make the most of their time at college and school.

She believes that education is one of the biggest gifts you can receive and is to be enjoyed and edifying — for everyone!


1. Where can I learn more about The Woman School Masterclass?

Thank you for your interest in our Masterclass! You can learn more about it here.

2. How can invite my friends? They would love this.

Send them a link to this page where they can also register for free! Webinars are always better with friends.

“Let me start by saying that I do not have the words to adequately express the radical transformation my heart and mind have undergone because of Lizzy. To know her is a gift, to learn from her is a blessing. Week after week she has poured into my heart and the hearts of the women around me. She has walked with, encouraged, and shined a light through the moments of uncomfortable self reflection that comes with growth. Lizzy has been the best guide and source of encouragement along this journey. She is a testament to the transformation that comes from showing up and putting in the work.”

— Madi, The Woman School Masterclass Student