The Woman School

Design the woman you want to become


You can’t give from an empty cup
Become a whole version of you

THE WOMAN SCHOOL Will give you a step by step guide

Your self worth is not conditional
You are more than your body and achievements

Will give you the practical skills, scripts
and strategies to protect your worth

Skills, Scripts, and Strategies to
Become a Whole New Woman

Design Yourself

A Practical and Personal Guide for Women

You don’t have to spend a lifetime proving yourself.

Your worth is unconditional.

We give you practical skills, scripts, and strategies to design the woman you want to become.

We believe it is time to honor the WHOLE woman.

Protect Your Self Worth and Those You Love

Learn to use scripts as a powerful strategy to honor your self worth so you don’t have to spend a lifetime proving and pleasing those around you.

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Welcome to the Wholeness Movement

Our culture has endured a dramatic shift.

Media has dictated an unreasonable standard on women’s value. We have been conditioned to believe that only parts of us matter but we are more than our bodies and our achievements.

We’ve had to compromise our dreams and fight the mental exhaustion of having to prove our worth. It feels unjust.

The narrative is that we are only worth, ‘if’ and ‘when’.
It is hurting all of us.

The pain of having to prove and hustle for our worth has led us to believe that we are at war with each other. In reality, women are pinned against each other. We compare, compete, criticize and judge because it hurts to feel unworthy.

We feel like a failure when in reality, the world has failed to recognize that we were created to be whole. There is a generational war against our worth and our wholeness is under attack.

We offer a solution.

The Woman School believes in becoming whole.

The first step to wholeness is to honor our self worth.

We no longer have to settle for less than we deserve, we just need to reclaim our value and give ourselves permission to dream of the life we truly want, a life that is full and free.

The purpose of wholeness is sustained generosity.

We can’t continue to give from an empty cup. We can take responsibility for protecting our value.

We will show you HOW.

It is time for women to become fully alive.

Welcome to the Wholeness Movement.

What is the Wholeness Movement?

We are not compartmentalized beings. Our family life impacts our work life. Our health impacts our capacity to contribute. Our self image impacts our mental and emotional health. All parts impact one another. This begins with integration.

Wholeness is about giving from a cup that is full, it is a state of gratitude and abundance.
Wholeness is what gives us the capacity for sustained generosity.

When a woman is whole she becomes a reservoir of hope that inspires the people around her to be better.

She becomes a light in the darkness.

We need women to become whole.

Where Are You in Your Journey?

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Clarifying ‘what is not working’ is the first step toward designing a ‘whole’ new you.


Where do you go to learn comprehensive and systematic skills to design the woman you want to become?

Where do you go to learn to make important decisions that shape your future?

Where do you learn practical and integrated tools to achieve the life you want?


Our Signature Programs that took us to 30 countries in under 2 years.

The Art of Being a Woman Masterclass

Just as an artist creates her masterpiece by drawing inspiration from those around her.

Being a woman is like an art, we can use every experience and draw inspiration from everything around us to design the woman we want to become. We are our own masterpiece.

The Art of Being a Woman Masterclass is a 6 month proven step by step blueprint on how you can design a whole new version of you.

There is no other blueprint that integrates the whole woman.


Woman School Strategist

We have a proven blueprint for women who want to build a business rebuilding women’s worth, beginning with their own.

Our Woman School Strategists are trained with practical skills that integrate the whole woman.
Most coaching programs focus only on parts of the woman, we believe our focus on the whole woman is what makes our strategists so unique.

It is beautiful to witness an army of women that are creating a generational impact in their families and communities while getting paid to do what they love.

Because of our proven blueprint, TWS strategists are making 6 figures in their first year working part time or full time; working their own hours, anywhere in the world.

It is TRULY fulfilling work.


Find Your Strategist

Begin designing who you want to become and join the wholeness movement.

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January Donovan

January Donovan is a self worth strategist, best selling author and founder of The Woman School. She has over 20 years of experience training women.

January founded The Woman School to fight the injustice against women’s self worth. The company went from 0 to 30 countries in under 2 years, and grew 1000%.

She believes it is time for our world to recognize the value of the ‘whole’ woman and not just what the culture dictates makes her valuable. She is more than her body or her achievements, she was designed to be whole.

Women today doubt if they are good enough. We battle feeling like a failure when in reality, the world has failed to prepare us. We can no longer afford to hand over a generation of women who doubt their worth, it is time women know who they are.

We have a duty to equip women with practical skills and guide them to design who they are for the world. We are in the business of integrating the whole woman.

January took her passion and began to train more women to build their own businesses rebuilding women’s worth. This bold vision took The Woman School from 0 – 30+ countries in under 2 years. There is hunger for this deep work.

As a wife and mother of 8 children, she is fierce about integrating business and motherhood. Our professional dreams cannot be apart from our personal dreams, we have to integrate them if we want to be fulfilled.

We just need the right skills and strategies. This is exactly what we train women to adopt in The Woman School.

Our vision is to rebuild culture, one woman’s worth at a time and we are doing it.

Real Stories, Sustained Transformations

“My first thought of The Woman School? Fluff, bogus, pyramid scheme, and scam. But after watching my wife work her way through the course it is none of those things.

My wife was a wonderful person before The Woman School, no doubt! What The Woman School gave her was beyond what I imagined. She became confident in her identity, choices, and purpose. She grew in her faith. She learned how to love herself better and in turn love those around her better. Her days became more structured and more purposeful. She was wonderful then, but watching this growth and internal expansion has made me all the more attracted to her. I didn’t think it was possible but my wife (may I remind you, was amazing when I met her) is more amazing now!

The Woman School has helped her grow, helped me grow from her growth, and helped our relationship grow from both of us growing! I can’t wait to continue to pursue our dream lives together!!”

Mariana Z

Drew awareness to why I compare and compete with other women. I don’t do that anymore. Now I know that other people’s dreams are their dreams and my dreams are my own. There is nothing fruitful in comparison and competition. There is space for everyone to shine!

Maria A

I am a huge person of imagination. Over time that often gets pummeled and crushed by others or by experiences. The way January talks about imagination is first of all a huge affirmation of the way I naturally am and have continuously cultivated myself to try to remain. And as a person of so many ideas, sometimes they don’t all end up getting accomplished or accomplished in a less organized way, or it becomes difficult to take so many dreams to reality. Being shown a process to articulate all of those dreams on paper, setting an actual steps to success method, is very helpful to me in ordering all those dreams beyond just imagining what they look like

Megan J

The purpose of a beautiful life is contribution!” This is so motivating. It really fuels me as I move towards a holier version of myself. I had never heard this language before. I appreciate when January talks about becoming a better version of ourselves so we can become a light to the world. We must decide who we become and then decide which skills we need to be her! Giving ourselves permission to dream and to have desires sets us on a path to wholeness and freedom.

Marisol A

You are either defined by a vision of the future of by an emotion of the past (mostly at the subconscious level). This in itself has great room for pondering and looking back; I can reflect about my own progress as the months go by! My actions are heavily influenced by my vision of the future! CLARITY has been a great gift of this program.

Catie P

It’s so valuable the way she speaks about how we cannot demand another person change, only that we grow and become our best selves and that often inspires growth in others. This has been so helpful in my friendships, family relationships, and in my marriage.

Nicol S

It really made me see the importance of looking at each day through the lenses of contribution. How do I contribute to the ones who I love the most and even the stranger in the store? Having contribution in the forefront of my mind changes how I show up for my family and live each day.

Megan G

Clarity & skills of goal setting give us freedom because they bridge our desires and dreams into goals and action. Help us constantly imagine possibilities of our lives. Gives us permission to dream and imagine, the discipline. Instead of remaining underdeveloped we’re identifying those roadblocks and decision-making skills, and goal setting processes. These are all impacting my life profoundly and my mastermind group of women’s as well!

Nicol S

This lesson has given me the tools necessary to combat a negative mindset I have been dealing with majority of my life. It has provided me with hope that with these skills and scripts I can have interior freedom and break the generational chain of negative/ fixed mindset. Most importantly I now feel equipped to raise my children with a positive/ growth mindset.

Megan J

This lesson was a beautiful self examination. The correlation between self-image and holding myself accountable was an “aha” moment. This lesson gave me a different perspective on humility. I now see humility as a necessity to growth and holiness.The critic topic is HUGE and so important. January did a lovely job explaining how to love while also encouraging boundaries.

Catie P

There were two main ideas that were completely new and transformative for me: 1. how much my thoughts influence my reality and 2. that I can actually influence/manage the thoughts that I allow to take hold in my mind. This was completely new information to me and had a huge impact on my day to day life.

Catherine M

I enjoyed understanding how my thoughts impact my attitude, which is picked up by people around me, even when I don’t know. Taking the time to reflect on my attitude about women, children, men, etc. gave me an opportunity to tune in an become aware of my internal environment.

Megan J

I just love love love the notion of “it is not what we do, but who we become.” I need to hear this everyday, all day to fuel the discipline. Growing as a woman is so beautiful, practical, and inspiring. Through the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass, a woman cannot help but to want to stand up and become the woman she was created to be.

Nicole S

Having the training that life is about contribution in every circumstance has drastically changed how I show up to my family, going to the grocery store, and conversations with friends.

Donna C

It did transform me! The concepts introduced put into words something I somewhat knew intuitively, but didn’t have language or a way of easily understanding it.


The Woman School was made for such a time as this! In a world where femininity is either abused or erased, women need this class. It demonstrates that you can be fully yourself and that we each have a purpose as we are, as women. I was at a point in my life where I felt like a completely different person and was trying to piece together what it was I wanted to live for and work towards again. TWS catapulted this puzzle into a masterpiece – I have a vision, I know my purpose and I am much more equipped because of the skill sets, perspectives, and action items taught in this class. My life truly feels more whole because of this better understanding and acceptance on how to integrate my personality and vision with all areas of my life. I feel gratitude for the feasts and resiliency for any famines that may come my way! I recommend this class for those who feel completely lost and stuck as well as for those who are already on a path with a vision – you will not find better accountability and empowerment than in TWS.

Catie P

One of my favorite things is the idea that creating an environment is a form of contribution. I love when she says “It’s not about the chair. It’s about the beautiful conversation that can happen in the chair.”

Stephanie U

I just finished the Woman School and attended with my daughters. Definitely one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, we will be using these life lessons forever and will pass on for generations. Our strategist was Kari Bazan and she was absolutely exceptional in guiding us through the coursework and discussion.
Thank you for providing this opportunity for my family January.

Donna C

I never had “skills” explained in this way before, it has given me tangible action steps to first work on foundational skills.

Angela C

In this epic moment of cultural chaos, my family and I have embarked on an abundant adventure of discovery and growth. As we prayerfully considered the ways we wanted to learn and be stronger through these trying times, God’s Guiding Hand led us first to The Woman School and then to The Man School. We are three generations and seven people journeying in unison towards growing wholeness in who we are each uniquely created to be. Though we are a family who has lived intentionally, we have each struggled with default patterns which kept taking us away from peace and integral well-being. The excellent programs, our amazing strategists and our Mastermind groups have brought overflowing inspiration and great hope for the good to come, even with all of the struggles. As mother of the youngest (aged 19) in our cohort and daughter of the oldest (aged 79), I am deeply grateful for the light and wisdom flowing into our lives through January, Ryan and their gifted teams.

Lucy N

I’ve been transformed more than anything i’ve seen in sooo many years! Well, talk about not knowing that i actually needed so much human formation! The woman school has given me tools to dream bigger than i’ve ever done before, knowing that God puts dreams into my heart pointing me to my ultimate purpose; And at work, I’ve achieved a level of openness, collaboration and growth and let go of the fear of failure and perfectionism that usually got in my way of progress…etc. The skills and mindset training have catapulted me to becoming an elevated version of myself and I have freedom to be able to effectively design the woman, the wife and mother, worker that i want to be as i elevate my own self image. Well, there is so much…and I feel that I made the wisest, most exciting, and most practical investment of my lifetime.. and that’s why I am excited for you and for us.

Megan J

I believe our world needs every woman’s contribution. Our world needs the feminine genius to wake up, rise, and choose to blossom. I see women in our world as a field of wildflowers on the brink of blossoming; however, it can be easy to feel stuck as a bud unable to blossom. This training is a practical guide to get “unstuck.” The Woman School provides the skills and training to blossom each flower so we can contribute.


“Six months ago, my husband noticed that I was cranky, unhappy and anxious. Six months later after taking the course, he said he noticed a remarkable change that I’m happier, more confident and becoming more ‘me.’ He said before, I was merely surviving. After six months, I am now thriving! My husband is a frugal man so I was surprised when he said The Woman School was worth the investment. His actual words were ‘It was worth every penny.’ Thank you for what you do!

Kate M

ABWMC was the best investment I could make to prepare for post-grad life! So much clarity on who I am and what I want from life that I felt was otherwise missing from my college experience!! Highly recommend the course for any college women or young professionals