Woman School Coaches

Build YOUR OWN Business as
a Personal Guide FOR WoMEN

What is a Woman School Coaches?

A Coaches is a woman who is part of the movement to intentionally rebuild culture one woman’s worth at a time.

She takes women through The Art of Being a Woman Masterclass where she guides her through rewiring her self worth by equipping her with skills, scripts and strategies to design and become a ‘Whole’ New Woman.

She is trained to build a business as a strategic guide for women.

We are building up a movement of Coaches to lead the charge in raising women’s self worth for generations to come.

You Should Learn More About The Coaches Program If…

You are looking for meaningful work that is unique to your story and genius

You do not want to reinvent the wheel and would like to leverage a proven program

You dream of running your own business on your own time

You enjoy collaborating with other women with the same heart to guide women

You want to do your work from anywhere in the world

You are looking for a step-by-step blueprint on how to scale profitably

You want to create a new source of income

You seeking a community of growth friendships

You are already leading and guiding women in your community

You are driven to create an impact for generations

The best part about helping women is that I was given the tools to build my business. I always had a heart for being independent from a corporation, but The Woman School handed me the tools on just how to do it.

It also made me part of an army of female entrepreneurs so hungry to change the world because their worlds have been changed. I want to hand my story and the lessons that I have learned to the women who are growing up in homes and unintentionally being set up to repeat my past story.

– Carolina Lopez, Woman School Coach

Guide WOmen Using a variety of

Masterclass Formats

Group Masterminds

Strategize, collaborate, and guide small groups of women through the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass.

Private Strategy

In a more personal setting, guide women into accelerated growth in every area of their life through one on one sessions.


Lead women in corporate, non profit, or large group workshop models through the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass

“I’ve been in education for 20 years and knew very little about starting a business before becoming a coach. When I first signed on to the coaches portal, I couldn’t believe the resources that were available to me. There was everything from how to help women strategize to how to build a business and share The Woman School with others.

January continues to help the coaches grow through a weekly training on skill-building, and we have ample opportunity to ask for help along the way. We are encouraged and taught how to be our best in business and in life, so we can help other women do the same. We are surrounded by other coaches who support and cheer each other on in the journey. This isn’t a fairy tale. It is real imperfect people striving every day to be their best, so they can live a life of contribution and generosity.”

– Mary Beth Jackson, Woman School Coach