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Transform Your Passion to Serve People into a 6-Figure Online Coaching Business

We Created this Opportunity for Women to

Design their Own Beautiful and Meaningful Lives.

Whether you want to work AND stay home with your kids, or get out of an unfulfilling job, learn about why beginning a coaching business may be right for you.

You get to set your schedule. You get to be your own boss and decide how much money you want to make. You get to guide women into wholeness, transforming lives, and making real impact.

“I never charged anyone a dime before.

When I flipped my mindset about money,
I turned my heart for helping women into an
Online Coaching Business, and made 30k
in my first month!”


Why Become A Woman School Strategist?

  • You will have the potential to make six figures in your first year while serving other women.
  • You will be able to launch your business in 90 days using our proven blueprint and real-time income formula.
  • You will receive your own personal business mentor for 90 days; we journey with you.
  • You will gain confidence and establish yourself as a certified coach in half the time as other coaching programs.
  • You will start your own journey to wholeness; we provide you with your own personal mastermind journey to fill your cup so you can fill others.

What Our Coaching Certification Program Offers

(That Others Don’t)

  • Get your own personal business mentor without additional cost.
  • Learn Coaching + Business Skills that will fast track your results – you won’t find this anywhere else.
  • We pour into your cup by providing a proven blueprint to design your life of wholeness.
  • Get access to weekly power masterminds and open office hours that become your support system.
  • Apply our Real-Time Income Formula to earn while you learn.

    If you’re curious about what it could look like to map out your life and business in 2022, book a call with a Woman School Master Strategist.

      • Determine whether the Strategist School is right for you
      • Look at your dreams and goals
      • Discuss your hopes and aspirations and what has been holding you back
      • Set up a customized business plan to set you in motion