The Woman School Masterclass Lesson 1 Preview

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Syllabus for Wholeness

The Woman School Masterclass is a 16-week course that strategically trains women on the mindset and practical skills she needs to design every part of her Arena. This course teaches women to honor their value and live a life of meaning and contribution.

Lesson 1: Your Wholeness Journey Begins

Lesson 2: Discovering Your Desires & Dreams

Lesson 3: Designing a Life of Wholeness

Lesson 4: Managing Your Mindset & Attitude

Lesson 5: Skills Give You Choices (Part 1)

Lesson 6: Skills Give You Choices (Part 2)

Lesson 7: Designing Your Self-Image

Lesson 8: Optimal Health Part 1 (Mental & Emotional Health)

Lesson 9: Optimal Health Part 2(Physical & Spiritual Health)

Lesson 10: Finding Intentional Friends

Lesson 11: Intimacy — Cultivating Your Sacred Space

Lesson 12: Discovering Your Unique Contribution

Lesson 13: Creating an Impactful Environment

Lesson 14: Redefining Wealth with a Purpose

Lesson 15: Family Matters

Lesson 16: Bringing it All Together — Your Life of Wholeness