The Strategist School



Do you have an earnest desireto transform lives
and help people become their dream selves?

Coaching has created breakthroughs in the lives of millions of people. Yet many continue to suffer from loneliness, lack of purpose, and mission; the work is endless.

What if you could pursue your mission of serving women without sacrificing your financial contribution?

At The Strategist School, you don’t have to compromise your home life in the fast-paced career world, or stay trapped in a situation that doesn’t give you the freedom to fulfill your potential.

Our Strategists are their own bosses. They determine their schedule and how much they want to make. Our vision is to equip you with the blueprint to create your dream career.

Begin making an impact today.

What is a Strategist?

A strategist specializes in handling situational strategy within the context of a Whole-Life
Framework. We mentor clients in mindset rewiring and skills in all arenas of life.

The Strategist School is for you if…


You are looking for meaningful work that is unique to your story and genius


You dream of running your own business on your own time


You want to do your work from anywhere in the world


You want to create a new source of income or replace your employment income


You resonate with our Wholeness Coaching philosophy


You do not want to reinvent the wheel and would like to leverage a proven coaching model


You see serving and guiding other people as a part of your purpose


You are looking for a stepby-step blueprint on how to scale profitably


You are seeking a community of growth friendships


You are driven to create an impact for generations

The Strategist Certification Program

We offer a journey like none other to provide you with everything it takes to develop
your skills as a coach and build your business profitably.

The 12-week immersion experience encompasses the foundations of coaching, equips you with tools and confidence in business, and increases your skill to serve your clients with proficiency and consistency.

The deadline to apply for our Spring Cohort is January 19, 2022.

Get Certified to Coach without Compromises







Our Coaching Philosophy


Wholeness coaching is a philosophy of bringing awareness to the impact of a client’s pain, desires, goals, and dreams in all areas of their lives. Rather than seeking to discover the problem to be solved, wholeness coaches employ intuitive listening and their own emotional intelligence to help contextualize the client within their personal journey toward wholeness.

Wholeness coaches are not just weight-loss, marriage, or health coaches, they are trained to support clients to design their whole life as they help clients skill up to bring their dreams to reality


In order to help clients shift into a wholeness mindset, coaches equip their clients with the Situational Strategy Model to help them identify thoughts, feelings, and actions around the particular circumstances that they want to be coached on.

Inspired by time-tested Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we have deepened the method to include support in identifying scripts for rewiring thoughts, emotional commands to enhance relationships, and skills to advance the desired outcomes.

We teach our strategists to be a product of this product first through the practice of Situational Strategy in their own lives. From this personal experience, they grow in their skill of helping their clients more easily contextualize their challenges and address the root cause of their issues creating – breakthroughs to wholeness

Additional Support

A strategist specializes in handling situational strategy within the context of a Whole-Life
Framework. We mentor clients in mindset rewiring and skills in all arenas of life.


Participate in your own Wholeness Masterclass Group Experience prior to or during the certification program, and discover our signature coaching philosophy for yourself. Every coach needs their own guide.


Learn the fundamentals of setting up and scaling your coaching business with supplementary training in your sales, branding, marketing, social media, and business systems and processes.


We learn much more by doing. Peer groups and live coaching practicum opportunities will give you a chance to develop your coaching skills and prepare you for coaching real clients.



“I’ve been in education for 20 years and knew very little about starting a business before becoming a Strategist. When I first signed on to the Strategist Portal, I couldn’t believe the resources that were available to me. There was everything from how to help women strategize, to how to build a business and share The Woman School with others.

January continues to help the strategists grow through a weekly training on skillbuilding, and we have ample opportunity to ask for help along the way. We are encouraged and taught how to be our best in business and in life, so we can help other women do the same. We are surrounded by other strategists who support and cheer each other on in the journey. This isn’t a fairy tale. It is real imperfect people striving every day to be their best, so they can live a life of contribution and generosity.”

The Strategist Difference


Receive your own personal business mentor for 90 days; we journey with you


Gain confidence and establish yourself as a certified coach in half the time as other coaching programs


Potential to make six figures in your first year while serving other women


Ability to launch your business in 90 days using our proven blueprint and real-time income formula


Journey with your own personal mastermind to fill your cup so you can fill others’


Set up your business systems, and get recognized by your ideal clients with our signature business training program


Who is this for?
Does this involve counter-attraction?
Does this go against the Catholic faith?
What will happen after I purchase?
How long is the program last? How long do I have access?
What will I get with this program?
Is there a payment plan?

We offer a number of different payment solutions for the program, beginning at $99 USD per month.

Are there refunds?

The digital nature of the Masterclass makes it so that it isn’t “returnable.” Thus, I can only offer a refund prior to activation and access to Programming in the event that the purchase was made by mistake.

After this time period, all funds paid will be deemed earned and no refunds will be issued.

We believe that each person is unrepeatable, indispensable, irreplaceable, and created with transcendent worth.

Our mission is to leverage the timeless wisdom of humanity to help individuals discover the greatness of their original design.