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Why Become A Woman School Strategist?

  • You will have the potential to make six figures in your first year while serving other women.
  • You will be able to launch your business in 90 days using our proven blueprint and real-time income formula.
  • You will receive your own personal business mentor for 90 days; we journey with you.
  • You will gain confidence and establish yourself as a certified coach in half the time as other coaching programs.
  • You will start your own journey to wholeness; we provide you with your own personal mastermind journey to fill your cup so you can fill others.

What Our Program Offers (That Others Don’t)

  • Gain immediate traction with your own personal business mentor as you complete certification.
  • Apply our Real-Time Income Formula to earn while you learn.
  • Embark on your own personal mastermind journey to discover and claim your own life of wholeness.
  • Set up your business systems, and get recognized by your ideal clients with our signature business training program

What Our Strategists Are Saying

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  • Look at your dreams and goals
  • Discuss your hopes and aspirations and what has been holding you back
  • Set up a customized business plan to set you in motion