Practical Steps to Start Your Coaching Business

Most women don’t realize they can make money doing what they’ve been doing for years: Giving Advice.

For 15 years, I’ve studied, trained, and given women free advice on how to be whole.

I never thought I could get compensated for coaching women until I made $30k my first month, after never having charged anyone a dime before.

I believed in fighting for women. My heart was all in. But I needed to flip my own mindset.
What most women don’t realize is how much people are willing to pay to be coached.
There is a reason the coaching industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

“I never charged anyone a dime before.

When I flipped my mindset about money,
I turned my heart for helping women into an
Online Coaching Business, and made 30k
in my first month!”


At The Wholeness School, we train and equip women to build a Wholeness Coaching Business.

  • No prior coaching experience necessary, just determination.
  • No prior business experience needed, just a heart to help women discover their unconditional worth.
  • No wasting time on a drawn-out certification, earn as you learn.

Meet some of our coaches who are going from zero to 6-figures in their first year of serving women — without compromising their family or personal lives.


Lisa is an HGTV Interior Designer who transitioned into online business and wholeness coaching. She paid off over $50k of debt in her first year of coaching and consistently makes over six figures.


Kristin is a mom of five with no prior business experience. Her coaching business now brings in $10k months within six months of starting our program.


Angela is a first time mom who began coaching. She earned six figures as a
Strategist working part-time.


Amy is a mom of eight making $100K part-time as a coach. She is building her dream business of helping women grow from a place of depletion into wholeness.

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Whether you want to work AND stay home with your kids, or just get out of an unfulfilling job – we created this opportunity for women to design their own beautiful and meaningful
Our coaches guide women into lives of wholeness. They become their own bosses, set their own schedules, and determine how much money they want to make.
The testimonies and the transformations are powerful because of the impact our program is having on their families and personal life. This is the reason we are now serving women in over 40 countries in just two years!

We want to introduce you to women who never imagined they could be so financially successful doing what they have always wanted to do.

We are Fighting for Women’s Worth!

The Wholeness School Mission

Today women are getting blamed and shamed for the choices no one taught them to make.

In The Wholeness School, we train women to redesign a life that makes them fully alive and in harmony with their original design – that’s what Wholeness means.

Our vision is to rebuild culture one woman’s wholeness at a time, beginning with our own. Every part of us matters and it is time we take a stand against the irrational demands that our culture has bombarded us with. Most coaching programs today attempt to fix particular problems or issues and not the whole person. It is time for us to honor the whole woman.

Together we can rebuild culture, one woman’s wholeness at a time.

The world needs you.

Meet Our Founder


January Donovan

January Donovan is a Master Strategist, best-selling author, and founder of The Wholeness School.

With over 20 years of experience training women, January founded The Woman School in 2019 to fight the injustice against women’s self-worth. The company grew to 40 countries in under two years.

As a wife and mother of eight children, she is fierce about integrating business and motherhood. She teaches that professional dreams cannot be separated from personal dreams; in order to be fulfilled, they must be integrated. With this bold vision, she started the Wholeness Coaching School in 2020 to help women build their own profitable businesses by coaching other women to wholeness.