Gain Practical Skills, Scripts, and Strategies
To Design A Beautiful Life​


The Art of Being a Woman Masterclass Is For You If

You have big dreams but don’t know how to accomplish them
You want to gain clarity and action towards your dreams in your season of life
You feel exhausted trying to prove yourself to others, or justify your actions to family and friends
You want to finally get out of survival mode OR up level your life in every area

The Art of Being a Woman Masterclass Introduction

Become a ‘Whole’ New Woman

You are not meant to live in a constant state of overwhelm, anxiety or feeling stuck.

We are made to lead a life of contribution. Not comparison. Not competition. Not confusion.

Is it possible to live stress free? NOPE.
But you know what is POSSIBLE?

A life of intentionality, where you have the tools and skills to handle the stress, where you can manage your mind instead of allowing your emotions or circumstances to manage you.

This type of life is exactly what you’ll create with the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass.

I just finished the Woman School and attended with my daughters. Definitely one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, we will be using these life lessons forever and will pass on for generations. Our strategist was absolutely exceptional in guiding us through the coursework and discussion.”

— Stephanie U.

The Woman School exists as a PRACTICAL and PERSONAL GUIDE for women to become a whole new woman. Our proven methods are suitable for women across all generations.


We give women actionable skills and scripts.


We train strategists who guide women through our signature program


We integrate the whole woman and honor every part of her life

The Art of Being a Woman Masterclass is an invitation to grow as women, so that we can be whole. Wholeness allows us to contribute from a place of abundance rather than depletion.

In 6 Months, Your Transformation Can Include

More time to spend with those you love

More freedom from comparison and competition

More confidence in who you are

More direction on your dreams

More clarity on your purpose

More confidence in decision making

What’s Included In The Art of Being a Woman Masterclass?

Course Access

8 months access to the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass to go through at your own pace. You’ll be guided through this course during your scheduled group coaching sessions, but you will also be able to go back and rewatch any sessions you need during this time.


Applicable skills, scripts, and strategies taught by January Donovan from over 20 years of her work coaching women. You will have access to all the templates/ PDFs and worksheets for seven months.

You will also be invited to a monthly Q&A and training led by January.


Six months of biweekly workshop sessions with your personal strategist for personal questions, deeper self work, and community.


Unfamiliar with how a Mastermind works? So much of the beauty is in who you are able to walk alongside and learn from! Your journey mates going through shared discovery and intentionality become friends for life.

You will also be invited into the larger ABW Masterclass Private Facebook Community for continued input, encouragement, and collaboration.

I’m January Donovan,
Founder of The Woman School

I have spent the last 20 years the crisis around women’s self-worth, and have built a proven program that has radically transformed the lives of thousands of women.

We want to share it with you and help you create a meaningful work by guiding women to rewire their self-worth.

I’ve been transformed more than anything i’ve seen in so many years! The Woman School has given me tools to dream bigger than I’ve ever done before, knowing that God puts dreams into my heart pointing me to my ultimate purpose. The skills and mindset training have catapulted me to becoming an elevated version of myself and I have freedom to be able to effectively design the woman, the wife and mother, worker that I want to be as I elevate my own self image.”
— Lucy N.

The Art of Being a Woman Course Overview

  • The purpose of desires

  • Crystallizing your dreams in all our different arenas

  • Identifying goals and bring them to reality

  • Building a routine

  • Managing distractions

  • Discovering your contribution

  • Discovering your self-worth

  • Replace negative self-talk

  • Creating a self-image

  • Getting rid of comparison

  • Developing your attitude

  • Foundational skills for all women

  • Understanding your mind

  • Learn to manage your thoughts, beliefs and words

  • Manage your mind, emotion, stress, critics, AND disappointments

  • Managing time blocks and activities

  • Self-accountability

  • Skill and scripts for healthy boundaries

  • Creating healthy standards in your roles as a mother, friend, sister and daughter

  • Healing old wounds from your family of origin

  • How to impact, inspire and hold to your standards with men and marriage

  • Cultivating fulfilling connections

  • How to become a confident woman through competence

  • Redefine ‘beautiful’

  • Manage tonality, body language, and word choice

  • Creating a peaceful home and work environment

  • Hosting, menus and managing order in your home

  • Creating wealth and redefining success

  • Create impact and legacy

  • Integrating our desires

  • Strategically showing up

  • Finding our voice and use it to serve humanity

  • Finding your mentor

  • Live life by design

  • Develop your leadership

  • How to live from a place of wholeness

  • Cultivating sustainable peace of mind

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ABW Masterclass?

The Masterclass is a 22 lesson online course taught by Master Teacher January Donovan. January created this program after 20 years coaching women and finding a gap in the marketplace for an integrated approach to the whole woman.

This human formation program is designed to give you practical skills that are not taught in our culture today. It will help you heal from past wounds, break free from comparison, and teach you how to design every part of your life.

Who is this for?

This is for any woman who desires to break free from the mental exhaustion of comparison and competition. This program will help you develop a resilient mindset so you no longer need to prove and earn your worthiness.

This is for any woman who desires wholeness and wants to leave a legacy of generosity behind her. It is designed for women ages 18 and up.

How long does the program last? How long do I have access?

The program is a 22 lesson online course, facilitated by a Strategist over a 6 month period, typically held in Mastermind groups via zoom every 2 weeks.

Your Strategist will have further details regarding length of meetings and number of people in each meeting. This is the investment to filling your cup so you can give from a place of abundance and not depletion.

Is this a course, or a mastermind?

It’s both! This is a practical program with a personal accountability guide called the ‘strategist’.

The fact that it is both is why this course went from 0-30 countries in just under 2 years. You get access to The Art of Being a Woman Masterclass to experience at your own pace, AND you get access to a Strategist in a by-weekly mastermind group to discuss each of the lessons and strategize on how to integrate them into your everyday life.

You get to experience deep meaningful work with a community of women who will hold you accountable to honoring your self-worth.

What is a Strategist and how do I find a Strategist?

Strategists are what we call Coaches in The Woman School because we aim to create a Strategy for how you can take this content and integrate it into your daily life.

We currently have Strategists all over the world, both English speaking and Spanish speaking. If a Strategist has not personally approached you to take the Masterclass, we will match you with a Strategist that will be a great fit for your situation.

What will happen after I purchase?

After you purchase, you will gain immediate 8 months access to the ABW Masterclass.

You are welcome to explore the learning portal and watch the introductory videos! Within one week of signing up, if you have not been personally invited by a Strategist to join their group, you will be paired with a Strategist who will be a great fit for your situation.

Your Strategist will be able to provide exact details including the day and time of your Mastermind

What transformation can I expect to gain from The Art of Being a Woman Masterclass?

This course will help you get unstuck. Whether “stuck” for you is feeling like you lost yourself as a mom…

…or “stuck” for you is that you can’t stop blaming yourself for past mistakes.

Whether “stuck” for you is crushing shame, blame, guilt or worry when you aren’t perfect…

…or “stuck” for you is that you have a dream but you have no idea how to get it.

It is about designing the whole woman and valuing every part of you.

The transformations are endless. 

Is there a payment plan?

We offer a number of different payment solutions for the program, beginning at $99 USD per month.

Are there refunds?

The digital nature of the Masterclass makes it so that it isn’t “returnable.” Thus, I can only offer a refund prior to activation and access to Programming in the event that the purchase was made by mistake.

After this time period, all funds paid will be deemed earned and no refunds will be issued.

“The Woman School was made for such a time as this! In a world where femininity is either abused or erased, women need this class. It demonstrates that you can be fully yourself and that we each have a purpose as we are, as women. I was at a point in my life where I felt like a completely different person and was trying to piece together what it was I wanted to live for and work towards again.

TWS catapulted this puzzle into a masterpiece – I have a vision, I know my purpose and I am much more equipped because of the skill sets, perspectives, and action items taught in this class. My life truly feels more whole because of this better understanding and acceptance on how to integrate my personality and vision with all areas of my life.”

— KimberMarie