The Woman School –
A Wholeness Guide for Women

We give you a blueprint to design every part of you, so you can live by design, rather than by default.


You have a choice.

You can build a business rebuilding women’s worth and guide them to design a whole version of themselves.


Art of Being a Woman Masterclass

Journey with a mastermind group or a private Strategist through The Art of Being a Woman Masterclass; A 6-month journey to design the woman you want to become.

Our masterminds are led by strategists who are trained to hold you accountable in intentionally designing every part of your life.

Woman School Strategist

We offer a business in a box model for women who would like to make a living as a guide for women.

We offer a proven blueprint that has given women 6 figure incomes in their first year. We give you practical tools, training, step by step guidance, plus personal support that is unique to any other industry.

Rate your Wholeness

Take the free 5 minute wholeness quiz to discover which part of your arena needs to be intentionally designed.

As we grow into each season of our life, we need to redesign the woman we want to become because we grow, our dreams grow with us.

Awareness is the first step to becoming whole.

Introducing the Whole Woman

It is time we prioritize the whole woman. Our culture has dictated what makes women worthy and it has devalued parts of who we are. No wonder so many of us walk into the trap of self doubt. We begin to doubt our dreams and settle into a relationship, work, or image of ourselves that we don’t really want.

Women today are unprepared to design every part of their lives.
We don’t learn it from school and the idea of integrating the whole woman seems too much to ask. We’ve convinced ourselves that we are a failure, when in reality the world has failed to prepare us with skills that help us make choices.

There is not one place for women today to learn how to intentionally design every part of their life. We call this the Wholeness Arena.

The Woman School believes it is time to introduce the WHOLE WOMAN.

We are not compartmentalized beings, every part impacts the other. When you feel stressed at work, it impacts your home. When you tolerate a toxic environment, it impacts your health. It is time women fight for their wholeness.

That is why we exist. We believe in the whole woman.

Our School offers a comprehensive, systematic, and practical guide to wholeness. We give you a blueprint to intentionally design every part of your arena with a clear vision and a strategic plan. We did the work for you; we give you the HOW.

We are on a mission to train women to live by design and not by default.

You can live intentionally.

You have a choice.

Life by Design, Not by Default

Do you know what you want in each part of your arena?
Our wants change and grow as we transition into the different seasons of life.

We have to constantly design our lives because we never arrive, we only evolve into the next version of ourselves.

The permission to want what you want can bring to the surface some fears and insecurities. Sadly, so many of us women ignore our deep desires because we simply lack the tools to achieve it. It makes us feel like a failure. But, think about it, we were not given the skills to practically achieve the desires of our heart.

The Woman School exists because of the lack of tools that are available for women to design the life they really want.

If there were no limits, how would you design the areas of your life?

Are you Ready to Dream?

Dreaming is a skill that is not taught in our schools, and sadly, neither is it taught in our homes. It is a skill because motivating us to dream is not the same as equipping us with the step by step guide to strengthen our dreaming muscle.

You were born with a dream in your heart.
That dream is also the compass to your contribution so you have a duty to discover and mature your dreams.

The Woman School was born out of a grave need for women to free from the limits that the world has placed on them.

We need women to charge forward into their dreams and unique contribution.
When we give women permission to dream, it allows them to become fully alive.

About our Founder

January Donovan

I felt blamed and shamed for the choices I never knew how to make.
I was living in constant fear and anxiety trying to prove my worth and please a world that I could never please.

Deep inside, I was convinced that I could never be good enough for things that I deeply wanted. I was steeped in self doubt and I felt that my only choice was to settle into the woman I didn’t want to become.

The pain of feeling unworthy of your own dreams led me to numb my heart. I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t like the woman I was becoming, but was disgusted with myself. I felt stuck. I wish there was one place that could teach me how to be a woman, but there wasn’t.

I realized I was not alone.

The Compass to my Contribution

This wound became the compass to my contribution that led me to dream of The Woman School over 20 years ago.

I kept searching for a place that would help me design the woman I wanted to become. The search itself was exhausting. This began the foundation of creating a comprehensive school that would integrate our needs as women.

I dedicated the last two decades of my life to studying and developing practical skills that women can use to integrate and design the woman they want to become and the life they desire to have.

I’ve trained thousands of women into lives of wholeness.
I felt it was my duty to give back what I was given. It took me decades to design myself so I created a blueprint that would synthesize decades of work and hours of research and through a simple and comprehensive program made to design our wholeness.

The resources in this school will save you the time and mental energy of having to figure life out on your own. The blueprints are practical and the results are immediate.

About The Woman School

In 2019, we officially established The Woman School, giving women practical tools into a life of wholeness. The massive demand for our life-changing programs became the catalyst that led us to create the Strategist Track. Women wanted to give back what they were given so I created a business model to inspire women to rebuild culture, while also building a business.

We went from 0-30 countries in under 2 years because of the lasting impact that our programs, masterminds, and strategists have.

We are raising an army of women that will fight the generational warfare against women’s worth. We are on a mission to introduce the whole woman to the world; it is time for a wholeness movement.

I am a mother of 8 children and a business owner. I believe that we have a duty to hand over the next generation of women who no longer doubt their worth.

We invite ALL WOMEN into our wholeness revolution.

We believe our self worth is unconditional.
Our desires and dreams are a compass to our contribution.
A beautiful woman inspires the world to be better.
Generosity, growths and humility make a woman beautiful.
Sustained generosity is achieved through a life of receptivity.
Skills give us choices to design the life we want.
How we show up determines doors opening or closing.
You are not stuck with a label; we can rewire your self image.
We fail forward fast and learn from it.
Rest is our responsibility.
Wholeness allows us to live in abundance, not scarcity.