Living the Single Life Joyfully

In this webinar,
you will learn how to:

   Process and respond to any bitterness that you feel about your singlehood;

   Combat the pain and and exhaustion that comes from the expectations that others place on you about how to live your single life;

   Give yourself permission to move through moments of frustration and disappointment and travel forwards in freedom;

   Redefine what it means for your to be “alone”;

   Understand the true goal of your single life;

   And find the dream of the season as a single woman.

“Let me start by saying that I do not have the words to adequately express the radical transformation my heart and mind have undergone because of Lizzy. To know her is a gift, to learn from her is a blessing. Week after week she has poured into my heart and the hearts of the women around me. She has walked with, encouraged, and shined a light through the moments of uncomfortable self reflection that comes with growth. Lizzy has been the best guide and source of encouragement along this journey. She is a testament to the transformation that comes from showing up and putting in the work.”

— Madi, The Woman School Masterclass Student

“I can see and feel Lizzy’s genuine care in helping me process and apply what she teaches. She’s so passionate about what she does and it’s contagious! There are no dull moments with her and she’s generous in sharing her knowledge about everything!”

— Nica, The Woman School Masterclass Student