Simply Put: An Integrated Approach that Values the Whole Woman

How many times have you been told you can’t have it all? You can’t have a thriving career and marriage. You can’t have a clean house and happy kids.

As women, our lives are constantly being limited by the weight of others’ expectations.


The Wholeness Arena

This one simple tool is the secret to unlocking a life of wholeness.

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What Women Are Saying

The Power Testimonies Speaks for Themeselves

Our school grew to a multi-million dollar company, touching the lives of
women in over 40 countries in just under three years.

There is hunger for this deep work, we have to fight for the generation of
women to achieve interior freedom, a freedom that that is not conditional
to the false expectations of fallen culture that have devalued women.


“We are three generations and seven people journeying in unison towards growing wholeness in who we are each uniquely created to be.”

In this epic moment of cultural chaos, my family and I have embarked on an abundant adventure of discovery and growth. As we prayerfully considered the ways we wanted to learn and be stronger through these trying times, God’s Guiding Hand led us first to The Woman School and then to The Man School.


We are three generations and seven people journeying in unison towards growing wholeness in who we are each uniquely created to be. Though we are a family who has lived intentionally, we have each struggled with default patterns which kept taking us away from peace and integral well-being.


The excellent programs, our amazing strategists and our Mastermind groups have brought overflowing inspiration and great hope for the good to come, even with all of the struggles. 


As mother of the youngest (aged 19) in our cohort and daughter of the oldest (aged 79), I am deeply grateful for the light and wisdom flowing into our lives through January, Ryan and their gifted teams.


What is The Woman School Masterclass?

The Woman School Masterclass is a 16-week course that strategically trains women on the mindset and practical skills she needs to design every part of her Arena. This course teaches women to honor their value and live a life of meaning and contribution.

Who is this program for?

The masterclass is for any woman who is looking for more from life. You could be a college student or a grandmother — women of all ages have found value in our course. It truly is a class for all generations.

Is this a course, coaching or a mastermind?

The Woman School Masterclass is a course that can be taken in a self-study format. The best experience to go through the course is with one of our Wholeness coaches. Our coaches are trained to help you identify your roadblocks and journey with you into the disciplined life that will set you free to love the life of wholeness you have been desiring. You will experience this Masterclass at its best through personal coaching or a mastermind group The choice is yours: self-study, group model or privately strategy.

How does it work? What’s the format?

Over four months, you’ll be guided by me, January Donovan, over a series of video lessons, accompanied by exclusive written resources and self-work exercises. You will also gain access to regular exclusive Q&A sessions, webinars and our active Student Facebook Group where women from all walks of life come together to share their stories and access personal input from me and our other Master Strategists.

How long will it take to complete the course? How long do I have access to the course?

The Woman School Masterclass was developed to be revisited whenever needed, and especially when going through a transition or new life season. Building skills and training takes commitment to your established routines, and requires a new version for each next Dream or Summit. We recommend spending one week per lesson and self-work. On a limited membership, you will have eight months access to the course, beginning on your registration date.

Is there a Guarantee?

I have already taken the previous version of the class. What is the difference between The Woman School Masterclass and the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass?

Does it have a live component? Or 1-on-1 coaching sessions?

Personal coaching sessions are dependent upon your agreement with your Wholeness Guide or Strategist. Founder, January Donovan or another Master Strategist at The Woman School conducts LIVE Q&A sessions monthly.. These are accessible to all Masterclass students throughout the duration of their enrolment.

I am a Premier Member. Can I get access to The Woman School Masterclass?

The Woman School Masterclass is available to all Premier Members until further notice. To gain access, please email admin@thewholenesschool.com